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About Us

Home Grown & Plant Based

Welcome to our website, it  is a virtual hub of culinary creativity, where all  foodies can discover a world of delicious, nourishing and ethical vegan cuisine. Veganism is more than just a diet – it is a lifestyle rooted in compassion, sustainability and care for our planet and all its inhabitants

Urban Biovegan is a  creative  and  witty way to express our values through the food we eat. We offer an extensive selection of vegan products and convenience of a fresh vegan kitchen, making it easier than ever to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We firmly believe that vegan cuisine doesn’t have to be dull or tasteless,  with right combination of ingredients and seasonings, vegan dishes can be even more delectable than those that contain animal products.

Vegan food at Urban Biovegan is a culinary masterpiece that delights the senses, nurtures the body and honors our connection to the earth and all its inhabitants. Take a bite, and join the delicious revolution of plant based eating….

About the founders

Urban Biovegan is a vision of two brothers, Aryan Shah, and Rishi Shah, raised in a vibrant multicultural city like Dubai, UAE. They are lucky to experience diverse cuisine; both are gastronomes and enjoy experimenting with different food without compromising their principle of compassion towards animals and all living beings.

Aryan Shah, a Bio Engineering and Chemistry major student, has a love for animals, compassion, and a strong belief in his roots of non-violence. He wanted to create a food culture that is not only flavorful and delicious but should leave a nostalgic feeling and memorable experience.

Rishi Shah, also a Bio-Engineering student, is currently a rising sophomore, same as his brother, with roots in non-violence and being a health freak, he is always looking to eat food that can take care of his daily nutritional intake and, at the same time, be tasty too.

A visit to a dairy farm was a turning point for both brothers to create food free from violence and their journey to Veganism

Urban Biovegan is their small attempt to bring awareness that Vegan food can be tasty, exciting, creative, clean, and healthy.

Our Philosophy

Our vision  is a world where we can enjoy delicious and nourishing cuisine  without harming the animals or the planet. We want to celebrate the diversity and abundance of plant based ingredients and where we recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings. At its core, Urban Biovegan philosophy is grounded in the principle of non-violence, which extends to all living beings, including animals.

Ultimately,  this is a  small attempt  from us to contribute in creating a world that is kinder, healthier and  more harmonious for all

If you’re eager  to embark on  delectable and ethical eating, then you have arrived at the perfect destination. Together let’s celebrate and delve into the fascinating realm of vegan cuisine and discover a world of culinary delights that is sure to tantalize your taste buds

Olivia Thomas
Senior Chief Supervisor
Adam Boyd
Managing Director
Randy Crishen
Assistant Managing Director